Bitta-Blue Farm

Bitta-Blue is a small family-run farm in Killingworth, Connecticut. For over thirty years, Susan Willis and her family have worked the farm organically. You can receive 20 weeks of organic vegetables through my CSA, or find me at the Dudley Farm Farmers Market or the Durham Farmers Market.

Susan Willis, proprietor
228 River Road
Killingworth, CT 06419
(860) 663-2428


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Community Sponsored Agriculture

Welcome to Bitta-Blue CSA. We are a family farm in Killingworth, Connecticut, partnered with 30 households that strive together to support sustainable farming.

If you love local, fresh, organic produce, join our CSA and meet other families with a keen interest in wholesome eating. Weekly vegetable pickups at the farm provide opportunities for exchanging food tips and recipes, learning about vegetable selections, and visiting with the chickens, ducks and goats.

Community Sponsored Agriculture puts consumers and growers in a direct relationship that eliminates the huge distance and expenditure of fossil fuels that typify supermarket produce. By becoming a “locavore,” you eat healthy and keep farming in your community.

Slots are open for new Bitta-Blue CSA members. Memberships accepted in March for our 20 week season that begins in June. Each week you’ll receive delicious, pesticide-free veggies.

To sign up for our CSA just download this application, print and mail it. Or, e-mail Susan Willis at with additional questions.

CSA Sign-up Form Email Susan
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Gardening Workshops

Bitta-Blue Farm is now hosting gardening workshops! Learn how to grow vegetables and flowers from planning to planting using organic and sustainable gardening practices. Visit The Seeded Garden for class descriptions, dates and registration.

Visit the Seeded Garden


milk crates filled with organic vegetables

Organic Vegetables

At Bitta-Blue we cultivate a great variety of seasonal vegetables. Our specialties include heirloom tomatoes, garlic, and Asian Greens. You will find our vegetables at the Dudley Farm Farmers Market (April-December) or year 'round at the Durham Farmers Market. In March, you can sign up for our CSA.

jars filled with jam and pickles

Jams & Pickles

Our organic jams and pickles are processed in small batches to ensure flavor and quality. Most of the fruits and vegetables that go into our jams and pickles are grown right on the farm. Our jams are chock-full of fruit and very little sugar, and our pickles burst with fresh vegetable crunch.

bowl containing white eggs


We sell chicken and duck eggs from our free-range hens and ducks. Our eggs are remarkably rich and high in vitamins and proteins. You can purchase eggs from a self-serve cooler at the farm, or find them at either of our two farmers markets.

two alpine goat kids

Alpine Goats

Here at Bitta-Blue Farm, we raise French Alpine Goats for sale and for dairy production. We take orders throughout the year for spring kids and we often have junior does for sale. Contact us for goat sales or for stud service.

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kid goats butting heads
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About Bitta-Blue Farm

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Soil Is Where It All Begins

At Bitta-Blue Farm we build and enrich the soil yearly with our own composted manure and hay. And we mulch to deter weeds, minimize water inputs, and promote soil health.

Our farm follows the seasons. Fall plantings of garlic withstand winter’s cold to emerge and grow in the spring. Early greens weather the uncertainties of April to be harvested in June. The summer crops – all those plump squashes, peppers and tomatoes – ripen with the hot days of July. While the cool weather brassicas anticipate the crisp days of fall.

At Bitta-Blue Farm innovation is not at odds with tradition. We research seed catalogues to find lettuces that handle the heat. We experiment with new varieties like the Asian greens. And we work with seed saver networks to preserve regional and heirloom varieties.

Bitta-Blue Farm began as a project to meet the nutritional needs of our vegetarian family. We added chickens and ducks for their bounteous eggs; then goats for their rich milk and creamy cheese, and replenishing skin-care products.

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Susan Willis, proprietor
228 River Road
Killingworth, CT 06419
(860) 663-2428
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