Products and Services

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    Organic Vegetables

    At Bitta-Blue we cultivate a great variety of seasonal vegetables. Our specialties include heirloom tomatoes, garlic, and Asian Greens. You will find our vegetables at the Dudley Farm Farmers Market or you can order from our product list. In March, you can sign up for our CSA

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    Alpine Goats

    We sell ADGA registered Alpine dairy goats. Our goats are heavy producers and bred for easy hand milking and calm disposition. Our tall, sturdy animals make excellent milkers and show goats. Our buck is available for stud.

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    Bitta-Blue Body

    At Bitta-Blue Farm we now sell goat’s milk bath & body products handmade locally in small batches. We offer natural and sustainable goat’s milk soaps and goat’s milk lotion to nourish your skin: your body’s biggest organ!

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    Jams and Pickles

    Our organic jams and pickles are processed in small batches to ensure flavor and quality. Most of the fruits and vegetables that go into our jams and pickles are grown right on the farm. Our jams are chock-full of fruit and very little sugar, and our pickles burst with fresh vegetable crunch. See our product list.

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    We sell chicken and duck eggs from our free-range hens and ducks. Our eggs are remarkably rich and high in vitamins and proteins.

  • Gardening Workshops

    Bitta-Blue Farm is now hosting gardening workshops! Learn how to grow vegetables and flowers from planning to planting using organic and sustainable gardening practices. For class descriptions, dates and registration please visit: