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In addition to organic food, we sell goat’s milk bath & body products handmade locally at our farm. We offer natural and sustainable soaps, lotions, milk baths, lip balms, and more to nourish your skin: your body’s biggest organ! Everything we make contains ingredients from our farm from the goat’s milk to calendula flower petals used to make a healing infusion used for lips and skin.

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What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body including harsh unnecessary chemicals. I am committed to making my soaps natural and sustainably. I use only colorants derived from nature such as turmeric and green algae and absolutely NO palm oil (a common soap making ingredient used to create a harder lathering bar, the manufacturing of is a growing contributor to deforestation and habitat loss for creatures such as the endangered orangutan). I use sustainable and organic sources for my ingredients whenever possible, and my lotions use a Paraben and Formaldehyde FREE preservative.

Why goat’s milk is naturally nourishing for the skin

  • Fat is the major ingredient in soap making but not all fats are equal. While some fats contribute to a harder bubbly bar, others condition the skin. When goat’s milk is used in soap it acts as a “superfat” that packs the soap with increased ability to moisturize.
  • Alpha-Hydroxy acids. Goat’s milk contains lactic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid that helps to break down dead skin cells. This natural rejuvenation is great for dry, aging and damaged skin.
  • Vitamins abound in goat’s milk. One of particular note is Vitamin A, which helps to repair damaged tissue and reduce wrinkles, and aids troubled skin such as acne.
  • Minerals such as selenium (found in goat’s milk) is believed by scientists to help your skin fight sun damage.

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